Brother Stellaire XE2 *NEW*

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The modern Stellaire2 Innov-ís XE2 Embroidery Only Machine with Disney continues the Brother legacy of exceptional embroidery machines. With 788 embroidery designs, plus 101 Disney exclusive designs (for a total of 889), a large 9.5” x 14” embroidery area, and wireless integration with Artspira, the Stellaire2 Innov-ís XE2 will elevate your embroidery skills.

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  • All Embroidery All the Time in One Machine- With a host of over 780 built-in embroidery designs, modern technology, plus the integration of Artspira‡, the Stellaire2 Innov-ís XE2 embroidery machine will be your go-to embroidery machine for all your projects.
  • Built-in Disney Designs- The Stellaire2 has the magic of 101 Disney embroidery designs built right in, featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Pluto. Plus, your favorite characters from Frozen, Finding Nemo and Cars! Brother customers get exclusive access to even more Disney and Disney•Pixar embroidery designs through the Download Center‡.
  • Wireless Enabled- The Stellaire2 Innov-ís XE2 is wireless enabled so you can receive software update notifications as well as send embroidery files from your PC to your machine via the free downloadable software Design Database Transfer‡ (no USB required). This allows for easy data management for all your designs and projects.
  • Mobile Apps- The Artspira Mobile App‡ is your one-stop shop for embroidery and cutting designs so you can easily customize your next embroidery or crafting project. Design line-art-inspired embroidery drawings right in the palm of your hand on your mobile device, Artspira‡ will have you creating on the go. Use the My Design Snap mobile app‡ to turn line art, handwriting or printed clip art into embroidery data. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Be alerted when it’s time to change the thread or when your project is complete with the My Stitch Monitor App‡.
  • Embroidery Positioning Function- Enjoy innovative embroidery features on the Stellaire2 with the time-saving 2-point positioning with LED pointer which will help you align designs for pin-point embroidery placement.
  • Yarn Couching- Turn embroidery letters with yarn into a cool 3-D effect using the Couching Embroidery Foot.
  • Matrix Copy Function- Create unique and distinctive designs with the Matrix Copy feature. Add multiple copies of the same design on your project for one-of-a-kind patterns.
  • Generous Workspace- The Stellaire2 has a generous 56 inches of workspace, a spacious 11.25” from needle to arm, exceptional LED lighting, a clear and sharp 10.1” LCD digital display, and a number of cutting-edge apps for almost any project.
  • LCD Display- See your designs come to life on the large 10.1" built-in high-definition LCD display and easily scroll through the menus, navigate the crystal-clear icons, and see your design properties in preview mode. You can also watch one of the many educational tutorial videos so you can get the most of your Stellaire2 XE2 embroidery experience.
  • Embroidery Patterns- Loaded with a library of built-in embroidery designs, the Stellaire2 Innov-ís XE2 comes with a fun assortment of patterns that will inspire. Browse the nine Large Size Patterns and the three Light Sketch Flower patterns, that include floral and wildlife motifs. Then, scroll the seven Line and Corner patterns that feature decorative corners, flowers, and an adorable bunny face and the three In-The-Hoop patterns that feature a Pin Cushion (disguised as a hedgehog), a Scissor Sheath, and a decorative Scrap Bag.
  • My Design Center- The My Design Center has 30 basic shapes, 30 closed shapes, 30 open shapes, and 17-line types that can be used, alone or combined, to create unique embroidery projects. In addition, my Design Center has more selection choices, such as line types and region motifs, for almost any project.
  • My Connection- The value-packed My Connection feature will allow you to send files back and forth between your Stellaire2 Innov-ís XE2 and select ScanNCut DX machines. When the design or pattern is sent from machines when connected to the same wireless network, the ScanNCut DX to a Stellaire2 Innov-ís XE2, it can be retrieved in My Design Center. This feature takes the place of using a USB to transfer designs between machines and is exclusive to ScanNCut DX machines only.
  • (SAML) High-end Magnifying Lens
  • (SAMF180) Magnetic Sash Frame (5"x7")
  • (SAMF300) 7x12” Magnetic Frame
  • (SASEBXJE2) Two Piece Stelliaire2 Luggage Set
  • (ETPBEST100) Best 100 Thread Kit
  • (ETPJEWEL24) 24 PC Thread Set - Jewel Tones
  • (SDX325) ScanNCut DX Innovis Edition with WLAN
  • (SA562) 2-Spool Thread Stand
  • Embroidery Foot “W+” with LED pointer,
  • Needle set (75/11 6 needles,
  • Bobbin × 10 (One bobbin is in machine),
  • Seam Ripper,
  • Scissors,
  • Cleaning brush,
  • Screwdriver (S/L),
  • Disc-shaped screwdriver,
  • Spool cap (small),
  • Spool cap (medium) × 2 (One spool cap is on machine),
  • Spool cap (large),
  • Thread spool insert (mini king thread spool),
  • Vertical spool pin, Bobbin clip × 10,
  • Spool felt (on machine),
  • Spool net × 2,
  • Embroidery needle plate cover,
  • Touch pen (stylus),
  • Bobbin case (no color on the screw),
  • Bobbin cover (on machine),
  • Embroidery frame with decal set 36 cm (H) × 24 cm (W) (approx. 14 inches (H) × 9-1/2 inches (W)),
  • Embroidery frame with decal set 18 cm (H) × 13 cm (W) (approx. 7 inches (H) × 5 inches (W)),
  • Embroidery positioning sticker sheets × 4,
  • Lens calibration sheet,
  • Embroidery bobbin thread (#90, white),
  • Stabilizer material,
  • Bobbin center pin and instruction sheet,
  • Accessory bag,
  • Embroidery couching foot “Y”,
  • Yarn guide for embroidery couching,
  • Yarn threader,
  • Operation Manual,
  • Quick Reference Guide.
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