Elevate Your Craft with Multi-Needle Efficiency Lecture/Demo


Friday, March 1st from 10-4
Elevate Your Craft with Multi-Needle Efficiency Lecture/Demo
Discover the game-changing world of multi-needle embroidery machines! 
Join us for this enlightening lecture demo class and witness firsthand how a multi-needle embroidery machine can take your embroidery hobby or profession to the next level. Say goodbye to time-consuming processes and embrace the efficiency and creativity that define the future of embroidery.
This lecture/demo class is designed to showcase how these advanced machines can revolutionize your embroidery experience, making it more efficient and eliminating the need to disassemble garments and bags. Understand the capabilities and advantages of multi-needle embroidery machines while exploring the features that set multi-needle machines apart from single-needle counterparts.

Class fee: $10 (Includes lunch)

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