Embroidery Couching Foot Set: For Mc15000


Embellish your embroidery projects with the addition of yarn, now more easily than ever with the Embroidery Couching foot.

With the update of the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 V2.10, your machine now has the ability to stitch Embroidery Couching Designs. There are 8 designs that come with the HMC15Kv2.10 update.

The Embroidery Couching foot set comes with 2 feet, as well as a yarn guide arm that attaches to the extra spool pin hole on the top of the machine. The set comes with the PC-1 foot, for light size yarn; and the PC-2 foot, for medium size yarn. The feet are also easy to thread, with an open toe and plate design.

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This Product is designed for and used with the Memory Craft 15000

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