Floriani Wet N Gone Water Soluable (Tacky) 15″ x 10 yds


Floriani Wet N Gone® Tacky

Find the regular (not tacky) version of Wet N Gone® HERE

This unique product is a fibrous water soluble stabilizer and does a superior job of supporting dense embroidery designs. Embroider most free standing lace with just one layer! Its clean rinse capability makes it the best choice when using it with delicate fibers such as yarn scarves or English netting.

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*Use the sticky version of Wet N Gone® to embroider delicate designs on hard to hoop items such as the corners of handkerchiefs, silk blouse collars and more.

Find the regular (not tacky) version of Wet N Gone® HERE

Create free standing lace and use just one layer for most designs

Perfect for making appliqués, decorative pins and/or 3-D embroidery.

Rinses clean leaving no messy residue

Use as a topping for wide satin stitch designs on high pile fabrics for perfect results!


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