Kenmore 5055 Bags 3pk – Type Q, C


EnviroCare® Micro-Filtration Kenmore 5055 & 50558 Vacuum Cleaner Bags comes 3 in a Package. EnviroCare® vacuum bags are ideal for those who suffer from dust-related or allergic discomforts. With 99.7% Filtration, EnviroCare® vacuum bags trap microscopic particles and allergens making these bags great for allergy sufferers!

5 in stock

For Kenmore canister vacuum type C/Q 5055, 50557, 50558, 50104 and fit for Panasonic Type C-5, C-18, C-19, AMC-J3EP, MC-V150M, MC-CG902, MC-CG973, MC-V9600, MC-CG800 and MC-885 Series

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