Kimberbell Cup Of Cheer Advent Quilt Fabric Kit


Have you heard the buzz about Kimberbell’s new Cup of Cheer Advent Quilt? If you’re thinking, “Hmmm, it’s darling but I don’t really need another Christmas quilt…”

Think again.

You see, Cup of Cheer isn’t a quilt you just hang on the wall for decor (although we absolutely love quilts you hang on the wall for decor). But this particular quilt is so much more than that.

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It’s the quilt memories are made of.  Why?

Because this 42 x 58” heirloom quilt counts down to Christmas with 25 interactive designs! It’s literally an advent calendar in quilt form, with a different activity to enjoy every day.

For example, maybe one day you’ll hang a stocking and the next day you’ll unzip a present to find a special surprise. Each and every day is a delightful discovery for you and your loved ones!

Let’s take a close look at the 25 activities and traditions you and your family can enjoy season…after season…after season with Cup of Cheer!

Day One

Unzip the present to find a note, candy, or activity coupon. What could you put in there?  Tickets to a Christmas concert? A service coupon for a foot rub? A favorite scripture?

Cup of Cheer-Day 1-1

Day Two

Add “marshmallow” Wool Felt Balls to the cocoa mug. (They stick easily on hook & loop dots!) Also notice the stitched steam swirl above and the background quilting design with tiny mugs.

Cup of Cheer-Day 2-1

Day Three

Hang three jingle bells from the darling holly button. (Leaves are made of soft Embroidery Felt!)

Cup of Cheer-Day 3-1

Day Four

Untie the ribbon bow and find a small treat or present. (Again, what would you tie here? A candy cane? A toy?)

Cup of Cheer-Day 4-2

Day Five

Add the dimensional, foamy cup of cheer (With a striped straw! How cute is that?) to the block.

Cup of Cheer-Day Five

Day Six

Find a note, candy, or activity coupon in the window of the house. (Yep, it’s actually a tiny pocket!)

Cup of Cheer-Day 6

Days Seven, Eight, & Nine

Add little lace ornaments to the tree for three consecutive days. (They just hang right on the Cute as a Buttons!)

Cup of Cheer-Days 7, 8, 9

Day Ten

Tuck the snowman into the cozy mitten. (DARLING!) ⛄

Cup of Cheer-Day 10

Day 11

Add a beautiful bow of crimson Velveteen to the top of the wreath.

Cup of Cheer-Day 11

Day 12

Find a note, candy, or activity coupon in the tiny house pocket window. Maybe the note could say, “Let’s go out for cocoa!” or “We’re decorating gingerbread houses tonight!”

So many memories, just waiting to be made. 😊

Cup of Cheer-Day 12

Day 13

Slip the dimensional candy cane in the mug pocket.  Cup of Cheer-Day 13

Day 14

Hang the first stocking on the string. (The little clothespins are included in the Cup of Cheer Embellishment Kit!)

Cup of Cheer-Day 14

Day 15

Untie the ribbon to “unwrap” a small gift or treat. (Imagine the possibilities, from tiny dolls and matchbox cars to candy and more!)

Cup of Cheer-Day 15

Day 16

Open the blue house door to find an activity coupon, note, or scripture in the small pocket.

Cup of Cheer-Day 16

Day 17

Add the dimensional bird to the snowman’s hand. (Aren’t they the sweetest little buddies? And just look at the fringe on the snowman’s hat and scarf!)

Cup of Cheer-Day 17-1

Day 18

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,” so add the second stocking to the string.

Cup of Cheer-Day 18

Day 19

Find a note, candy, or activity coupon behind the red house door.

Cup of Cheer-Day 12

Day 20

Unzip the gift box to find a note, candy, or activity coupon in the gift box. (An ice-skating coupon? A date to make cookies or to look at Christmas lights?)

Cup of Cheer-Day 20-1

Day 21

Discover a small gift or treat in the ribbon. (Chocolate, anyone?)

Cup of Cheer-Day 21

Day 22

“In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there…” Add the third stocking to the string!

Cup of Cheer-Day 22

Day 23

Embellish the “E” of “MERRY” by adding holly and leaves.

Cup of Cheer-Day 23

Day 24

Load the Christmas tree on the top of the car. (Anyone have a car like this in your childhood? I sure did! Our family station wagon was long and yellow and we drove it for YEARS. So many wonderful memories!)

NOTE: If you have a 5×7 hoop, choose the alternate design of a VW Bug instead (included on your CD). The station wagon requires a bigger hoop! The vintage VW Bug is just as charming.

Cup of Cheer-Day 24

Day 25

Add the musical heart for the finishing touch! The included sound button plays, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” when pushed.

Note: The sound button is in the Cup of Cheer Embellishment Kit!

Cup of Cheer-Day 25

Waiting for Christmas Day…

By December 25, the whole quilt is complete. What a fun way to “deck the halls,” right? And not only did you have darling decor for the holidays, but you also made treasured memories along the way.

Just curious…what is YOUR favorite block?

Cup of Cheer-Entire Quilt

Zipper Pouch Label

The quilt also comes with a “Cup of Cheer Advent Quilt” design. Stitch this on Kimberbell’s large Zipper Pouch Blank (sold separately) and keep your advent pieces here until it’s time to use them.

Cup of Cheer-Bag

Cup of Cheer Embellishment Kit

The Cup of Cheer Embellishment Kit gathers all the merry details to make your quilt, including Embroidery Felt, Applique Glitter, hook & loop dots, jingle bells, Cute as a Button(s), clothespins, hook & bar closures, Mylar, Wool Felt Balls, ribbon, twineVelveteenLace Zippers, Embroidery Topping, and Shape Form Interfacing.

Whew! That’s a lot of embellishments. The only thing not included is Flexi Foam, which you can find at your favorite quilt shop.

Think Outside the Quilt

What else can you do with designs from the Cup of Cheer Advent Quilt? Well, you might say this is only the beginning of the Christmas magic. Just picture that wreath design, for example, as a festive holiday pillow. Or the snowman as a wall hanging! Remember to think outside the quilt and let your creativity soar.

Kimberbell’s Cup of Cheer Advent Quilt is coming soon to your favorite quilt shop,  and many shops are taking preorders now. We hope you and your family will enjoy this heirloom quilt together for generations to come!

We can’t wait to hear your Christmas stories!

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