Riccar R30D Hepa Bags 6pk


New style Riccar Type N HEPA media Vacuum Bags with Charcoal infused layer for odor elimination.

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How to Change Your Bag on Riccar R30 Models.
To maintain optimal performance, change your vacuum bag about once a month or when the bag is two-thirds full.
IMPORTANT: Unplug the vacuum cleaner from the electrical outlet before replacing the vacuum bag.

  1. Lift up on plastic bag door handle
  2. Remove the used vacuum bag by pulling the Blue bag collar away from the vacuum. Slide the Blue collar up and out of the holder which will automatically seal the bag hold to stop dirt
  3. from blowing out of the bag. Discard the used bag. (Do Not try to empty and reuse old bag)
  4. To install new bag, slide the bottom of the blue collar in the blue holder until it “snaps” into place.
  5. Push the top of the bag collar inward until the collar “snaps” into place on the holder.
  6. Tuck the corner of the bag into the machine and place the door lid bag on by placing the bottom part of the door in first.
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