Ultra Glide Foot For Janome For Horizontal Rotary Hook Models


The ultra glide foot is molded from a special resin allowing easier sewing of fabrics that may otherwise stick to the standard metal foot such as ultra suede faux leather and plastic. Can be used with Magnolia 7300 series and MC6500P machines.

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This accessory works with the following models:

2030DC-G2030DC-T2030QDC-B3160PG3160QDC-B3160QDC-G3160QDC-T3160QOV4120QDC 14120QDC-B4120QDC-G4120QDC-T4300QDC490184936051245300 QDC-G5300 QDC-T58126019QC605061006125QC6260QC6300P661712T80508077AMH M100C30C30WClassmate S-750DC1018DC1050DC2012DC2013DC2014DC2015DC2015DC2019DC3050DC4030PDC5100HD-3000HD-3000 Black EditionHD-5000HD5000BEHello Kitty 18750Horizon Memory Craft 7700QCPJNH 720JNH2030DCJNH7700JW7630JW8100Jem Gold 660Jem Platinum 760M7050M7100M7200MC-11000MOD-100MOD-100QMOD-11MOD-15MOD-19MOD-200MOD-30MOD-50MS5027PRMagnolia 7318Magnolia 7325Magnolia 7330Magnolia 7360Memory Craft 10000Memory Craft 10001Memory Craft 11000 Special EditionMemory Craft 3000Memory Craft 4900QCMemory Craft 5200Memory Craft 6500PMemory Craft 6600PMyStyle100NPCF50NQM 2016Schoolmate S-3015Schoolmate S-3023Schoolmate S-7330Sewist 500Sewist 525SSewist 709Sewist 721Sewist 725SSewist 740DCSewist 780DCSkyline S3TM16TM30TS100QTS200Q
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