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April 21, 2015
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Dee by Dee


What is it?

The Dee by Dee (D x D) is a quadrant with 12¼ inch radius. There is a printed arc from 4 to 12 inches, with markings at half inch intervals.  From the centre point there are 13 solid lines radiating out to divide the area into 12 segments.  At the intersection of each segment and inch arc line there is a hole to be marked through.  Between these segments are a further set of holes to divide the area into a maximum of 24 segments.  This allows division of 96 when placed in a circle.  Designs can be done in quarters or less, semi circle or a full circular design.

How to use the Dee By Dee

The D x D is a ruler that will revolutionize the way quilting is done in the future. New styles of quilting never attempted before such as Starburst, Harlequin and Inter- Geometric shapes can be created with the greatest of ease and fun. These designs are possible by marking dots and then connecting them.  The creative possibilities using this ruler are endless.  Designs can be drawn on the top of the D x D with a whiteboard marker. Position the D x D on the fabric, mark the corresponding dots remove it and connect the dots with a water soluble fabric marker. Sew on these lines with your favourite stitch to open the door to a whole new world of quilting.

The D x D is best used in conjunction with the Sewing Revolution, Block Marker or Junior Block Marker from the product range by the Sewing Revolution Pty Ltd.

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